FactGrid Browsers

There is a huge interest among independent Wikibases in tools that can search and browse such platforms — tools that will turn Wikibase platforms into well organised multilingual encyclopedic repositories that will compete with any platform of composed articles.

You can test two of these tools on FactGrid: Bruno Belhoste’s FactGrid Viewer and Michael Ringgaard’s KnolBase. They might look similar but they differ massively in their technical approaches: The FactGrid Viewer communicates with the database while you are using it. Change information on the platform and it will change the Viewer’s presentation on the next browser fresh up. Michael Ringgaard’s KnolBase is using data that are updated every evening from the FactGrid data dump, that is available around 21:15 CET.

Both tools have potentials to sparkle quite different developments. We are eager to find out how they work for you.

Image Source: Henri-Pierre Danloux, Adam Duncan, 1st Viscount Duncan (1792), Wikimedia Commons