Welcome on the FactGrid project blog. FactGrid is a Wikibase installation run by the Gotha Research Centre and hosted at the University of Erfurt. Using Wikimedia’s groundbreaking software — the software that is centrally used by Wikidata — we are trying to provide database services for historical research on a larger collaborative platform.

The project (Q17 on the Wikibase repository) is still in its initial stages. Joint ventures have marked the project so far: The platform was created with the support of Wikimedia Germany. We are presently planning a massive input of GND-Data in cooperation with Germany’s National Library in order to provide a millions of data as a starting point.

The blog is set up to monitor the FactGrid’s development (it is partly synchronised with our page at https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:FactGrid; you can also follow us on the FactGrid’s Facebook page). We are also using the blog to widen our horizon with presentations of neighbouring projects. The menu above gives you access to the database, the central tools, and first step tutorials on how to use the software.


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