Needed thing #2: A logo and our own design

The facts all contribute only to setting the problem, not to its solution.
        Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus 6.4321

The FactGrid still needs its own cohesive design. The name is a modest allusion to Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and his idea that we see the world through a grid of factual statements. It was not that difficult to correlate this thought with images – looking backwards and a across cultural borders. The blog’s main page uses these changing images with humour and as inspiration.

That, however, is all we have at the moment – leaving a lot to be done. The different software platforms – our blog (WordPress), the Wikibase installation (Wikimedia design), and Magnus’ Manske’s Reasonator child do not really go together design-wise.

  • The project does not have a logo.
  • We are presently using Corbel on the FactGrid’s blog, a font with space to breathe, modern with its sans serif design and yet conservative with its medieval numerals and ligatures… is there an open source alternative? And: do we need to go open source with the font?
  • The database still has the Wikidata design (and basically the design of all the central Wikipedia projects). The blog is more in the direction to go. The database should, however, stay in close contact with its wikibase mother, so that anyone working primarily on the mother project can immediately feel right at home on our platform.
  • The FactGrid’s Reasonator interface should enjoy greater freedom to adopt a unified design since we are here mostly interested in an interface that represents information. We should here go for a design that is open to bigger representations of maps, images, models of objects, since our projects will be forced to produce show cases.

These remarks are will not yet serve as a specified task book, they should rather set a direction.

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